About Climotion India

Climotion India gives you HVAC optimization software for energy saving and comfort, which is developed and patented by Bosch Germany. Bosch has licensed this technology to Climotion BV, Netherlands for globel marketing. We have exclusive rights from climotion Bv, Netherlands.

We do this by monitoring pressure, temperature, Carbon Dioxide, Humidity and Air quantity continuously monitoring it in a narrow band to achieve Comfort and Energy Saving. We work with a pressure difference of 3 to 5 Pascal compared to conventional systems having 10 to 15 Pascal there by generating energy saving.

Climotion and Bosch have developed an Algorithm software patented system over 15 years of development in the laboratory and trials, having achieved great success with about 500 systems working in Europe, are now introducing the system in India.

The Climotion on an average gives a payback of 3 to 5 years with energy savings of 30 to 40%.

The climotion can be retrofitted as well as installed in new buildings (In New buildings there can be substantial savings in investment costs).

This company has been active in Europe and have been very successful with clients in diverse fields like;
•     Office of large corporations - IT companies etc.
•     Theatres and Malls (shopping complex)
•     Film studios / Music studios
•     Universities
•     Airports
•     Hotels
•     Hospitals
•     and many more.

The system offers a number of advantages like:

•     100% mixing of supply air with room air
•     Due to non-directed airflow no induction at air exit necessary (elimination of air curtain).
•     No short circuit between supply and exhaust air openings.
•     Distinct border (isolation) layer on all surfaces.
•     Lower transmission losses in winter and summer.
•     Higher comfort due to non-existent drafts, downward chill and layering.
•     Remarkably smaller amounts of supply air necessary to adhere to air quality
•     Remarkably smaller amounts of air for energy entry.