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Climotion expands to India

Date: 13 July 2018

Climotion bv has entered in a new joint venture for the Indian market. This week contracts have been signed for the formation of Climotion India which will be servicing the Indian market out of Punne, India.
Mr. Kawaljit Broca will lead the new Venture. Mr. Broca is a seasoned director with a strong international background. He will lead a team of HVAC and IT specialists starting their first projects later this year after a training in the Climotion training center in The Netherlands. Climotion has come to the attention of several IT companies which have a strong presence in the Punne - Mumbai Area and which operate many IT centres servicing the top of the international business community. However the potential in the Indian market extends far beyond the IT companies as the rapidly developing market is in need of solutions that combine energy saving with increased comfort.
Climotion bv (Haarlem/Leens, The Netherlands) has taken over the management of the Climotion (BaOpt) software from Bosch Energy & Building services one and a half year ago. Guido Bartelink : "We have made the software better and more easy to use, delivering it on its own hardware which can be easily connected to almost any system. Now we have entered in a strong international expansion. Today we are proud to be able to announce Climotion India and we are specially proud to work with such a strong and renowned team in India". "We will keep building the Climotion family and will see many more local joint ventures in the near future."