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Alliander, Duiven

Client: Alliander bv
Architect: RAU Architects
System: Climotion one-duct and two-duct
Installer: Homij Technische Installaties bv
Installation partner: Kieback & Peter Nederland bv

Six buildings housed in one atrium

A new life for existing offices: energy network company Alliander decided to concentrate its activities in the eastern part of the Netherlands. This required an expansion and renovation of its buildings in Duiven. The result is a Thomas Rau (RAU Architects) designed complex of six buildings – including one new one – housed in its entirety under an imposing atrium.

Sustainability and energy efficiency: Breeam Outstanding

As a grid operator, Alliander has a strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. It also has a need for a high comfort level and was eager to make the enormous atrium a pleasant meeting place. Various work spaces were also created in the atrium. The expansive glass surfaces and extensive height posed a considerable challenge. The end result is a modern building that boasts Breeam Outstanding certification for sustainability.

Demand-driven climate control by Climotion

The solution: all six buildings, including the atrium, are now climate controlled using Climotion. These buildings contain the two-duct version of the Climotion system, which enables demand-driven operation. The precise control of the values measured (demand-driven control) was a prerequisite for Alliander to attain Breeam Outstanding certification. Since the air supplied to these six buildings transported via excess supply grids is reused in the atrium, additional energy savings are also achieved.

Minimal ducts, maximized comfort

An atrium with large amounts of sunlight is traditionally difficult to regulate in terms of temperature, especially with high comfort requirements due to the desire to work, meet and relax in the same space. Normally, significant temperature differences arise, as well as cold downdraught in many places. But the use of the Climotion system results in a highly balanced air mixture and prevention of cold downdraughts. This has also been achieved with a minimum number of ducts and grids, an advantage that is both aesthetically and financially pleasing. In other words, Climotion makes it possible to create a comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate.