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Theatre De Lawei, Drachten

Client: Theatre De Lawei
System: Climotion one-duct
Architect: Architecten bureau TenBrasWestinga
Consultant: WHR installaties-adviseurs BV / ingenieurs en adviesbureau Technion bv
W-installation: Homij technische Installaties bv
Installation partner: Advanced Climate Systems bv

One of the largest theaters in the Netherlands

Drachten is not only the second largest city in Friesland, but also the urban centre of the Municipality of Smallingerland. Its cultural facilities have a strong regional character as a result. The De Lawei municipal theatre is one of the largest in the Netherlands. It reopened its doors in May 2015 following a renovation of the building, which dates back to 1960.

Unique structure

What makes this complex so unique is the ‘artery’ where several spaces converge, such as the theatre rooms, single-level auditoriums, dance halls and multimedia rooms, conference rooms, foyers, restaurant, classrooms and offices. It is in buildings with such a wide variety of functions that the Climotion system provides the greatest value.

Ultramodern climate control system

The tender process was well underway when the Climotion control system was presented to the Board of Directors of De Lawei in early July 2013. The building supervisors (Arcadis and De Lawei) met with Climotion Benelux bv to explore possibilities to implement the Climotion system and quickly established that the Climotion system could be included in the tender with a few minor adaptations to create an ultramodern climate control system.

IoT based control

Not only were all the advantages of the Climotion system introduced, but also the latest possibilities of Internet technology. The various rooms can be controlled remotely over the Internet and the necessary changes made. The climate control system is also linked to the booking program for the theatre halls, as well as the classrooms.