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Cologne Airport, Germany

Climotion has been successfully installed in 6 different airport locations like Munich Airport, Honnover Airport, Bonn Airport, Colonge Airport etc.

Before reconstruction
There was a problem at cologne airport of higher Temperature over 30° inside the terminal in the summer,which was uncomfortable for the passengers and staff members. Passengers were complaining and staff productivity was going down due to heating issues. Then Cologne Airport, Germany has decided to take an innovative step to install the revolutionary Climate Control System- Climotion.

Climotion Control System Installation was to reduce the temperature in summer.

Implemented Climotion solution
1.  Switching completely to Climotion
2.  Partial use of the air conditioning system
3.  Total refusal of fan coils

After Installation of Climotion Revolutionary System results achieved
1.  Heat curtains are disabled
2.  maintaining a temperature of 26°С

Climotion Control System was implemented at Terminal 2 and Energy Savings at Terminal 2, Airport Cologne/ Bonn was substantial. With our Optimizing systemResults within one year of operation are given below From May 2009 to April 2010 (temperature and price adjusted numbers compared to 2008)

Savings Energy                 - 647,000 €
Savings Maintenance   - 75,000 €
Total Savings p. a.           - 722,000 €
2008 costs                          - 1,934,608 €
Saving in 2009 37.3%

The HVAC Climotion system now run predominantly in partial load mode the 9 entrance hot air veil systems remain off – line at the lowest temperatures.
After successful implementation of Climotion Software the existing 342 circulation air cooling systems were completely shut down.